Character info


Andrew Arthur Spiro


Drew, Art






6 feet


Spell developer, part time magic store employ



Andrew Arthur Spiro is one of the main Characters of the story. He comes from the world called Acigam , the world where the book was from. He's a decentent of the Creator of the book and there for is one of the few that can find the pages.


He's quiet and likes to say things in an ironic manor. He's curiosity rivals that of a cat. His temper is known too be a little on the short side. Drew likes being alone at times, so he pretends to be happy, when not, so that people won't bug him. He doesn't tend to get close to people, because in the past people tried to use him because of his huge magical potential. If someone gains his trust he'll do what he can to help them. He has a strong sense of justice.



He was born in the birthing house of the city Chronas on the 11th day of the Tiger Month to Marilyn Spiro and Ethan Everspell. When Drew was 2 years old his father passed away in an accident, after this his mother started working at home. In the same year he became friends with his future Girlfriend Carina Amber Lostfire. They have been best friends since they were aware of what that truly is. With 4 years old he could use spells 6 year old couldn't use, and people became aware of his potential. With six years old he enterd the 1st year of magic school. As he and his peers grew older the awareness of his heritage and potential grew, and people wanted to “befriend” him because of this. Even grown ups would try to get him to use his magic for them. As of his 13 birthday he preformed traditional rituals on special days. With 16, Carina and him began dating and he started to work part time in his uncle Arthur's Magic shop. He along with others witnessed the sacred book being scattered through the worlds. He was given the assignment to go find them


He has a large natural mana suply and can use almost any kind of magic.

He mainly uses the two M4g1C Guns of his Girlfriend and his own Magic in a fight.

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