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The beautiful landscape of Arborstead

Arborstead is home of one of the main characters, Karli.

Arborstead's size is 25,000,000 square kilometers - just slightly larger than North America. This world is the average size of all the different worlds. A large majority of the land is populated by livestock, but there are about 100,000,000 people living on the world. The average amout of land that every person has is about 50 acres, which is quite a lot knowing that on most of that land is planted crops and grazing livestock. For comparison, there will be one person every 50 acres, but there will be between three and four animals every ONE acre.

There isn't only farming as an occupation, however, that is what most people do. Those who are highly opposed to hard work and outdoor heat often find themselves as general store owners or clerks. This job doesn't pay nearly as much, but it also doesn't require as much elbow grease.

Education isn't all that important in Arborstead. Most children are homeschooled, but there is a public school about every 100 square miles. If one is determined to get a good education, they can go to one of the two worlds' universities.

Weather in Arborstead is more often than not, unbearably hot. When it's not, it's still warm, but nothing like the blazing heat. There is an occasional rain that happens about once every two months. It is so rare that when it happens, schools close for the kids to enjoy it, (much like snow days in other worlds).

Air quality is excellent as one might expect because there are no large cities and plants are everywhere. There are small to medium sized towns scattered across the land with the exception of one fairly large city that is full of different stores and small attractions.

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