Karli Paragon Operandi



Meaning of Name:

Karli: little and womanly Paragon: gem Operandi: apprehension or idea






Full-time farmer



Karli is prettymuch what anybody would expect the typical farmer to be. Plaid shirt and jeans. No overalls - that's mainly for the men. Her whole world of Arborstead is a huge farming community. (the size is approximately the same as North America). Almost everybody there owns a farm, so food is of no short supply.

Karli has two younger brothers who are 7 and 9 years old. Together, they live in a medium-sized two story ranch house with their parents. The brothers are jealous of her sister because she gets her own room when they have to share one.

Her parents are both from very large families. Both her mom and dad lost a sibling tragically which has caused them to be overprotective of Karli. This caused her to be homeschooled up until the fifth grade. From there, she complained so much about not having any other friends (than their animals, of course) that they finally agreed to send her to the public middle school - but they followed her the first week.

Her daily schedule requires her to get up and the crack of dawn to milk the cows and collect the chickens' eggs. After that, she waters the crops, trying to get done before the heat of the day (it is normally very hot in Arborstead - no winters). When it gets hot, she goes inside and does things like knit, crochet, make soaps or other crafts, and prepares and cans food. Her crafting/cooking is an added income to the household. If she didn't finish her chores in the morning, she would go back out in the evening and finish up - although she prefers not to do this because that is prime mosquito time.

Because she doesn't have too many friends, she has to find other ways to occupy her time and express herself. This led to her passion for photography. In her spare time, you can find her roaming around outside for anything to make a good picture. Also, she likes to study Italian whenever she's not busy.

Her room is what one would expect for a teenager: trendy. Although she is a farmer, she is still a teenager. Her walls are painted a light purple and a light blue which match the stripes of her bedcovers and decorative pillows. In one corner of the room is all kinds of photography equipment. And on a desk in her room is... a computer! Yeah, that's right. Even this farming world does have electricity, but it is very expensive to have however. Karli pays for her own computer by her crafts and other things she sells by her hard work. Her parents are not fond of the computer, but they're only fine with it as long as she pays for it. The computer is where she stores all of her pictures. She even makes her own artwork so, she puts her own drawings and paintings on there, hoping to eventually sell those once she gets enough skill for people to want her artwork. She also uses the computer for her homework, though it is not required for students to have computers due to their extreme price to buy and maintain.

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